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My name is Arif Rahman Iskandar. I'm currently a college student pursuing for a public relations degree in Faculty of Communication Universitas Padjadjaran. I'm not entirely new to blogging world, I used to write on my previous blog, langittimur.com which I parked for a couple years because I was kind of busy with my college life. But recently I think this is a good time to write again. But still, in this blog, I will keep writing simple, light, and somehow, random stuff. And if you think reading about my introduction is not a waste of time for you, here's more about me:


I was born in Padang, Sumatera Barat. Since I was little I’ve always been a not-so-regular kid. I didn’t like hanging outside, I didn’t like flying kite, playing football, and another kind of activity other kids do. I dream big, but I don’t want to work hard, which resulting something obvious: I try to work in the most smart and efficient way. I do my best to work as little as possible to get the greatest result. I want everything to be easy and simple.

And that mindset brings me to my love for technology, which by definition, the sole purpose is to simplify human life. And the first significant technology in my life that I came across, was a computer. Which my father used to make his thesis with. From that moment on, I became obsessed with computer and everything about it.

A few years later I met the internet: in my opinion, is the greatest human invention. But again, in that time, I was still being a different kid. It was in junior high school when other kids learned how to ride bike, when teenage boys started to like girls, but I didn’t. My social life was never that colorful anyway. Instead, I was busy, fascinated with internet and all the information inside it.

In 2011, I graduated from high school, and went to college. The first college I went into is Universitas Andalas, a university in my hometown. I was majoring in computer science. But after barely over a semester, I thought about something: how I lack social skills. As a kid, I’ve always trying (sometimes too hard) to be different. And that made me think, I wanted to combine my love for technology, and my thirst for social skills. So I prepared myself for the next college entrance exam, made me not focused at my study at that time, which one of the reasons I dropped out from Universitas Andalas.

I registered the entrance exam. My parents doubted me, even I doubted myself. But alhamdulillah I passed the test and got accepted to Faculty of Communication Science, Universitas Padjadjaran, which was not just a new field of study for me, but a whole new world I needed to embark. Here I met new friends, many ethnicity, many languages, many types of people. And it’s been several years of me developing my hobby of I.T and learning social skills.

And now I’m currently in my senior years, struggling to graduate in a few months. But on the side I hold a position as I.T consultant and digital strategist in Iceberg, a digital agency founded by me and couple of friends. Also recently I became one of the member at website management team for Kementrian Sekretariat Negara Indonesia.

I hope as the time goes I can write my thoughts, my experience, and my random opinion at this blog more frequently. Not only to practice my english and my writing skill, but also to share to anyone who stumbles upon this blog, may the content of this blog be useful to them. – Arif R. Iskandar, 2016