Red and black corn seeds corns A Good Way to Plant Corns [Corn Project] red and blac corn seeds 1024x576
Gonna be planted soon!

Corns are staple for many cultures. It might be because of their nutritional value, or probably because they’re relatively easy to cultivate in various climate, creating good economic value. I’ve always been a person who’s fond of corn, and recently I tried to grow some myself.

A couple of weeks ago I received a package from JNE, and when I opened it, it contained various seeds from various crops. It turned out that the package was a gift from a friend, and I’m actually glad he sent me that, because lately I’ve been having quite an interest for urban gardening. So, in this post I’ll share what I did when I tried to plant one of the seeds I got; corn.

Seed gift package corns A Good Way to Plant Corns [Corn Project] seeds 1024x570
The gift was seeds!

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that my way is the best way, I certainly haven’t done a perfectly thorough research about gardening. I was just using materials that were just laying around in my house or using something that’s easily available in my area. If anyone somehow feels that I’m forcing them to believe that my way is the best, they might want to read my blog’s tagline again :p

There were several varieties of seeds in the package. Two of them were corn seeds. One of them was Red Corn, and the other was Black Corn. To be honest I’ve never taste any of these varieties of corn, so, I don’t know how they taste. But yeah, that’s the point of plant your own crops, so you could try new kind of fruits/vegetables that’s rarely available in your area, albeit the long wait from planting to harvest.

For starter, I tried to start the seeds in plastic cup. Why not directly sow the seeds directly into the soil you ask? Well, in my area, the weather hasn’t been very kind lately. One day the sun shined brightly, the next day it was heavy rain with strong wind.

Coco coir - perlite - compost potting mix corns A Good Way to Plant Corns [Corn Project] seeds and soil mix 1024x570
Potting mix, combination of coco coir, perlite, and compost

So, I thought I’d germinate the seeds in a more controlled environment and later transplant the seedlings once they’re able to withstand the unpredictable weather.

Tools and equipment that I used were:

  • Large plastic cups
  • Plastic cup lids
  • Compost
  • Coco coir / coco peat
  • Perlite
  • Small bowl filled with water

First, I filled the bowl with water (I used rain water for this) and soaked the seeds in it. I needed to re-hydrate the seeds to wake them up from dormancy. While the seeds re-hydrate, I prepared the cups for the container. I was using transparent milkshake plastic cups and I punched holes in the bottom side with a heated nail (I don’t own the tool for this like electric dill, etc.). After the cups were prepared, it’s time to make the potting mix. I combined compost, coco coir, and perlite with 4:4:1 ratio. I needed a mix that could retain moisture but also has a good drainage. Plus, the items for the mix I used was available in my house.

After about 45 – 60 minutes of soaking, I took out the seeds and planted them into the potting mix in the plastic cup. I put every seed in about 1-2 cm from the surface so the seeds would be kept moist yet wouldn’t have a hard time growing through the soil.

Potted cord seed corns A Good Way to Plant Corns [Corn Project] corn seed 1024x570
It’s ready to be sealed and left alone

Followed by thoroughly watering the cup, the last step was put on the lid (to keep the moisture and humidity) and placed them on a safe place with access to indirect sunlight.

Cord seedlings in a safe place corns A Good Way to Plant Corns [Corn Project] corn seedlings 570x1024
I put them in a cardboard so I can easily move them to other location if needed and to avoid them get knocked over

That’s it. That was the beginning of my corn project, I hope I’ll see their development anytime soon.